Glen Region Board of Directors Meeting

January 13, 2001

Watkins Glen Motor Racing Research Library




PRESENT:   Tim Meddaugh RE, Skip Testut Asst RE, Roxanne Brown Treas., Terri Dobbs Sec., Dale Terry Dir., Sandy Nolan Dir., Ed Zebrowski Dir.


ABSENT:   Tom Grabowski Past RE, Gina Metcalf Dir.


GUESTS:  Barb & Stu Luther


MINUTES:  BOD minutes for the transition meeting held December 10, 2000 were read.  Motion by Skip Testut, seconded by Ed Zebrowski to accept the first part of the minutes.   CARRIED.  Motion by Dale Terry, seconded by Skip Testut to accept the second part of the minutes.  CARRIED.


TREASURER’S REPORT:  Rox Brown presented a current balance sheet.  MOTION by Sandy Nolan, seconded by Dale Terry to accept the treasurer’s report as presented.  CARRIED.


ACTIVITIES REPORT:  Skip reported that he had just attended a SOLO board meeting.  Everything is progressing nicely for the upcoming season. 


MEMBERSHIP: Tim presented membership report from Betty Page.  There are 394 total members.  242 regular, 76 spouse, 45 junior associate, 9 speed freakz, 8 dual, 7 honorary, 5 life, and 2 honorary life.

          New members:   Rivera Jose, Rochester, NY

                                     Todd Totman, Geneva, NY

                                 Dual – William Barkley, Geneseo, NY


There was a discussion to change the criteria for the Joni Mattice Membership Award given annually.  The criteria proposal is as follows.

Members whose region of record is the Glen Region receives one (1) point for every Glen Region event they participate in or attend.  This includes meetings, (regular scheduled monthly or special, board, and any committee), race events, solo events, and rally events.  The attendance can be verified by the waiver sign in sheets.  It will be up to the individual member to check with the membership chairman to make sure they get credit for each event they attend.  The member with the most points accumulated will receive the Joni Mattice Membership Award.  In the case of a tie or multiple applicants, all will receive recognition.  MOTION by Skip Testut, seconded by Dale Terry to change the criteria of the Joni Mattice Membership Award as presented.  CARRIED.


CORRESPONDENCE:  We received a thank card from Grant Testut for the higher education grant. A bill from the post office for our mailbox.  Thank you letter from the Watkins Glen Motor Racing Research Library for the donation.  FCC renewal notice for our radio frequency license.  Swan and Son Insurance renewal for the region’s vehicles and the bond insurance for the club officers. 



RE Tim Meddaugh presented the following names to be added to the Administrative appointments for 2001.  Grid – Larry Emery, Scrutineering – Brian Metcalf & Ed Zebrowski, Sound Control – Jim Forrest, Social - Committee – Kim Davies.  Also add the following members to  the By-laws committee – Mike Tave, Bob Perry.  MOTION by Terri Dobbs, seconded by Rox Brown to accept the appointments as presented.  CARRIED.


Calendar Revisions:


Feb. 17 social meeting will be movie night at Forrest View Gang Mills Fire Department.                               


March 24 membership meeting will be an open Competition Board and Specialty Chiefs meeting at Forrest View Gang Mills Fire Department.


Solo schedule change:  June 16 & 17 school and event has been changed to June 23 & 24.


NATIONAL CONVENTION:  Tim Meddaugh, Sandy Nolan, Bill Bradshaw will be attending.




NEDIV Roundtable to be held March 2,3,& 4 in Syracuse.  Let Rox Brown know if you’re attending.


RE Tim Meddaugh handed out the 2001 WGI Track Contracts.  Tim asked everybody to read through them and let him know if there were any changes that needed to be made.




Minutes submitted by Terri Dobbs