Glen Region Board of Directors Meeting

February 15, 2001

Watkins Glen Motor Racing Research Library




PRESENT:Tim Meddaugh RE, Skip Testut Asst RE, Roxanne Brown Treas., Terri Dobbs Sec., Dale Terry Dir., Sandy Nolan Dir., Ed Zebrowski Dir.


ABSENT:Tom Grabowski Past RE, Gina Metcalf Dir.


GUEST: Bob Brown


MINUTES:BOD minutes from January 13 were read.MOTION by Skip Testut, seconded by Dale Terry to accept the minutes. CARRIED.


TREASURERíS REPORT:Rox Brown presented a current balance sheet.Also there will be an instruction sheet to all chiefs on how to submit invoices for reimbursement.There was some past bills that have just been submitted, Elmira Trophy $500.00.Other expenditures at this time were flowers and roundtable. MOTION by Dale Terry, seconded by Ed Zebrowski to move $6,500.00 from the A. G. Edwards account to checking for track deposit of $4,000.00 and working capital $2,500.00.CARRIED




MEMBERSHIP:Tim presented membership report from Betty Page.There are 409 total members.248 regular, 78 spouse, 48 junior associate, 11 speed freakz, 10 dual, 7 honorary, 5 life, 2 honorary life.


New Members:††† Richard Robbins,Canisteo, NY

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Tom Zaepfel, Wolcott, NY


Rejoin:†††††††††††††††† Kenneth Kelly, Burdett, NY


Transfer out:††††††† Roly Heacox to MoHud


CORRESPONDENCE:†† Robie Craig has contacted Tim regarding an upcoming Car Show at Bobís Honda in Sayre March 16 & 17.He would like promotional material and any help if any ones interested.


OLD BUSINESS:Tim presented the following people for the competition board in which Brian Metcalf is chairmen.The committees as follows Jim Brown, Tom Brown, Roxanne Brown, Ray Carmody, Barry Page, and Bob Perry.MOTION by Terri Dobbs, seconded by Skip Testut to accept the appointments as presented.CARRIED


Calendar:May 12 membership meeting is dropped.June 7 BOD meeting is changed to June 21, this will be an open BOD meeting in conjunction with the membership meeting.


National convention:Sandy attended the following seminars website, newsletter, F&C, track relations, and critical incidents.She will write articles for the up coming issue of the Sparkplug.Tim attended RE 101 & 102, Release and waiver guidelines, and the closed stewards meeting.He will also have more in the upcoming Sparkplug.Both Tim and Sandy were very impressed with the convention and its organization, and with Steve Johnson.There are many new promotional materials coming from Denver both nationally and what we can use locally to let people know about SCCA.


Roundtable:The following people are going to the NEDIV roundtable in Syracuse.Tim Meddaugh, Dale Terry, Barb & Stu Luther, Kathy & Carl Matuzak, Roxanne & Bob Brown, Sandy Nolan, Jerry Buckbee, Marie Heacox, and Chuck Dobbs.


Roundtable 2002:MOTION by Skip Testut, seconded by Rox Brown to contract the Holiday Inn in Painted Post for the roundtable in 2002 that we will be hosting.CARRIED.




Transponders for 2001: Motion by Skip Testut to purchase 25 direct wire in transponders by the March 1st deadline from A&B for $6,500.00, which we will get a rebate of $2,800.00. This wire in direct transponder will sell for $270.00 plus sales tax where applicable. Motion seconded by Ed Zebrowski.Skip Testut then amended his motion to include the remaining rechargeable transponders in the Glen Region inventory that will sell for $300.00, plus tax where applicable. Again seconded by Ed Zebrowski.Original motion CARRIED. Amended motion also carried.


Discussion on the purchase of new sound equipment.Tim will talk to Jim Forrest for suggestions.




Minutes submitted by Terri Dobbs†† ††††††††††††††††