Glen Region Board of Directors Meeting

March 1, 2001

Watkins Glen Motor Racing Research Library




PRESENT:   Tim Meddaugh RE, Skip Testut Asst RE, Roxanne Brown Treas., Terri Dobbs Sec., Gina Metcalf Dir., Sandy Nolan Dir., Dale Terry Dir.,


GUEST:  Rob Craig, Betty Page, and Matt Metcalf


ABSENT:  Ed Zebrowski Dir.


MINUTES: BOD minutes from February 15 were read.  MOTION by Dale Terry, seconded by Sandy Nolan to accept the minutes.   CARRIED.


TREASURERS REPORT:  Rox Brown presented a current balance sheet.  MOTION by Sandy Nolan, seconded by Gina Metcalf to accept the report.  CARRIED.

A review of the current rental charges for the Glen Region equipment such as scales and T & S equipment.  The fees will remain the same this year except for the travel expense with the T&S equipment that will now be a minum of $50.00 per day.  MOTION by Dale Terry, seconded by Sandy Nolan to the rental charge fees.  CARRIED.


ACTIVITIES:  Solo is looking good for the year.  Still looking for help for the car show at Bob’s Honda March 16 & 17.


MEMBERSHIP:  No change from last meeting.


CORRESPONDENCE:  Safety Belt, (Solo Newsletter) Thank you’s from Ray Oliver and Mary Cameron.  Scan, (NEPA Newsletter) Strategic plan & effective race chairmen from national.




APPOINTMENTS:  Betty Page Past RE BOD position.  Rob Craig Activities Director BOD position.  MOTION by Terri Dobbs, seconded by Gina Metcalf to accept Betty and Rob positions on the BOD.  CARRIED.


Solo Board:  Chairman Mike Taves, Scott Ostrowski, John Florence, Lin Hurd, and Casey Creamer.  MOTION by Skip Testut, seconded by Rox Brown to accept the solo board.  CARRIED.


ROUNDTABLE:  This weekend in Syracuse.  The same people are going as last meeting.  

The van is leaving Elmira at 4:30 pm.




WGI Contracts were discussed and signed for the 2001 season.


ROUNDTABLE:  Roundtable 2002 that we are hosting.  It was discussed and decided that we have the roundtable at the Holiday Inn in Painted Post.  Room rates will be $69.00 a night.  Barb & Sandy are looking for help in determining registration fee for the weekend and gathering sponsorship for the event.  If anybody’s willing to help please call either Barb or Sandy.


Adjourned:  9:06 pm


Minutes submitted by Terri Dobbs