Glen Region Board of Directors Meeting

April5, 2001

Watkins Glen Motor Racing Research Library




PRESENT:Tim Meddaugh RE, Skip Testut Asst RE, Dale Terry Dir., Roxanne Brown Treas., Ed Zebrowski Dir., Terri Dobbs Sec., Rob Craig Act. Dir., Betty Page Past RE


ABSENT: Sandy Nolan Dir., Gina Metcalf Dir.


MINUTES:BOD minutes from the March 1 meeting were read. Motion by Dale Terry, seconded by Rox Brown to accept the minutes.CARRIED.


TREASURERS REPORT:Rox Brown presented a current balance sheet.Motion by Terri Dobbs, seconded by Skip Testut to accept the treasurers report.CARRIED.


ACTIVITIES REPORT:Rob reported that Solo continues to move ahead in their plans for the season.The car show held at Bobís Honda in Sayre went very well despite the bad weather that weekend, there was a few new members as result, some of the members that came out to help man the booth were Kent & Heather Sawyer, Pat Scopelitti, Jeanne Peterson, Skip Testut and Iím sure several others.Rob has received calls of interest in the rally program from the MG car club group.There was discussion about getting a group together to try to organize a support team to help out rally masters.Rob is going to keep perusing this.Rob also set up an e-mail server account with is a free service.The solo program has been using this forum already that Kate Hughes set up at autox@glen-scca.Rob will have more info later once itís all set up and going.


MEMBERSHIP:Betty Page presented membership report.There are 408 total members, 250 regular, 77 spouses, 46 junior associates, 11 speed freakz, 10 dual, 7 honorary, 5 life, and 2 honorary life.


New members:†††††† Bob Stowits, Sayre, PA

†††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Andrew Waterman, Olean, NY


CORRESPONDENCE:We received a thank you note from Bill Green for the flowers the region sent him in the hospital.A letter was received from John Walsh regarding the use of transponders according to the GCR.A confirmation letter from WGI was received in regards to our 2 race weekends for this year.


OLD BUSINESS:A letter from WGI was received pertaining to the concession stand and the usage guarantee.There was discussion about the need to have stand open or not.What we could do to make sure the guarantee is met.Also the new rental fees for the use of theWGI picnic tables.Also discussed was the $1,500discount for the drivers school/regional weekend if we use WGI catering for the party.All this information will be passed onto the competition board to explore.


Roundtable 2002 has been reserved at the Holiday Inn Painted Post.Sandy and Barb would still love to have more volunteers to help put this event together.Please call either one if you can help out.


Sandy Nolan will be buzzed on WENY on April 23.


NEW BUSINESS:A need for a computer in tech was expressed.There was discussion about what the needs are.We asked that tech come back to us with the specs for what they need to be able to do to see if one of our current systems will work for them or if we do need to purchase a system.


Rob brought up the need for a TV/VCR unit when we do car shows or any other public endeavors.There was discussion about how we could use this equipment at Solos, Racing, Rallying.He will explore the possibility of donation or check into pricing of a unit.




Minutes submitted by Terri Dobbs