Glen Region Board of Directors Meeting

Watkins Glen Library

July 5, 2001




Called to Order: 7:36PM


PRESENT: Tim Meddaugh RE, Skip Testut Asst. RE, Ed Zebrowski Dir., Gina Metcalf Dir., Roxanne Brown Treas., Dale Terry Dir., Rob Craig Act. Terri Dobbs Sec.


ABSENT:Betty Page Past RE, Sandy Nolan Dir.


GUEST:Barb Luther


MINUTES:Minutes of the May 3, 2001 were reviewed.MOTION by Dale Terry to approve the minutes, SECONDED by Skip Testut. CARRIED.


TREASURERS REPORT: Roxanne gave Treasurers report.MOTION by Skip Testut to approved the treasurerís report.SECONDED by Ed Zebrowski.CARRIED.


ACTIVITIES REPORT:Rob reported that the Solo program had a record number of participants for their school and event in June.The school had 30+ entries while the solo event on Sunday had record 74 entries. The BOD would like to commend and THANK the following people for their hard work that made this weekend so successful. Mike Taves, Pat Scopelliti, Tom Mikulka, Chris Wightman, Paul Schelling, Kate Hughes, Brett Bauer, Jeanne Peterson, Andy Sullivan, John Florence, Skip Testut, Casey Creamer, Thak Chaloemtiarana, and I hope I didnít leave anybody out but if I did THANK YOU.


MEMBERSHIP:No changes since our meeting on June 21.


CORRESPONDENCE:The monthly Chamber of Commerce newsletter.The Cosworth Vega car owners club has asked the region to put together a solo for them while they are in the area for a meet.This was discussed with the solo BOD and the BOD and was decided that we would not be able to do it at this time.WGI notified the region that the Daimler Car Club will be doing a drive around during our July Memorial race.Rausch Creek racetrack will not be ready for racing this year.




Comp BOD is busy finishing up plans for the July Memorial Race, July 28 Ė29 at WGI.


Barb Luther reported that plans are coming along for the Roundtable in March that we are hosting.She is looking for suggestions for seminars and speakers.Also looking for giveaway items.If anybody has any suggestions or is willing to help please let Barb or Sandy know.††


Barb Luther volunteered to take care of ordering new region stationary. Thank you Barb!


AMB/Software is in and being used.Everything seems to be working quiet well.




New sound equipment was discussed.Dale Terry made a MOTION to buy new sound equipment not to exceed $1,599.00.Rob Craig SECONDED.CARRIED.


It is that time again to start getting the nominating committee together for this year.Names were discussed.Tim will start asking members.




Submitted by Terri Dobbs