Glen Region SCCA Board of Directors meeting

August 2, 2001

Watkins Glen Motor research Library


PRESENT:Tim Meddaugh RE, Skip Testut Asst. RE, Rob Craig Act. Dir., Terri Dobbs Sec., Dale Terry Dir., Ed Zebrowski Dir.


ABSENT:Rox Brown Treas., Betty Page Past RE, Gina Metcalf Dir., Sandy Nolan Dir.


GUEST: John Florence


MINUTES:Minutes from the July 5 meeting were reviewed.MOTION by Dale Terry to accept the minutes. SECONDED by Skip Testut.CARRIED.


TREASURERS REPORT:Rox Brown was unable to attend so there was no Treasurers report.She did pass along that everything for July Memorial Sprints weekend is looking good from a numbers point of view.


ACTIVITIES REPORT:Feed back from several parties at the track last weekend was very positive.

SOLO:Last Solo at Dresser-Rand was again very successful.Next Solo is August 19 in Waverly, Rich Chernosky and Jean Perterson are event chairs.The NEDIV Solo II is August 11-12.Todd is taking the Region van to help with the timing for the event.The Solo program is still waiting for Patrick Skinner to make good on his promise.


MEMBERSHIP:416 Total, 260 Regular, 76 Spouse, 46 Junior Associates, 12 Speed Freakz, 8 Dual, 7 Honorary, 5 Life, 2 Honorary Life.


New Members:



CORRESPONDENCE:Watkins Glen Library notified the region of a conflict for our next BOD meeting.Next BOD meeting will be held at Seneca Lodge.The Cunningham Cars will be honored at the Vintage Festival this year.E-mail from Central NY Region concerning the divisional rally scheduled on September 29 is still on, the rally starts in Harrisville NY, and they are still looking for help.Anyone interested can contact Robin Wysokowski at 315-431-0690.A few drivers have asked BOD members why we didnít run qualifying races for the July event, due to the MARRS sanction we could not do that.


OLD BUSINESS:Discussion about the October event.Drivers School Friday and Saturday morning, Enduro Race Saturday afternoon, one day regional on Sunday.Everything seems to be right on track for the event.


NEW BUSINESS:The Nominating Committee for the 2001 election was presented.The members that have consented are as follows.


Bob Burns 716-624-8279

Chuck Dobbs 607-739-2953

John Florence 607-569-2639

Marty Laux 607-734-2511

Pat Scopelitti 607-739-4857


MOTION by Skip Testut to except these members for the nominating committee.SECONDED by Dale Terry.CARRIED.


NNJR has requested the use of our rental transponders for the August 11-12 event at Lime Rock Park.Chuck Dobbs has been asked to take the transponders down.The region will get all rentals fees.MOTION by Terri Dobbs to let NNJR have the use of our transponders for all rental fees.SECONDED Dale Terry.CARRIED


Discussions of the need to still have the Chromo mix timing system still in our inventory since the AMB system is up and running.MOTION by Skip Testut to start the sale procedure for the chromo mix timing equipment.SECONDED by Dale Terry.CARRIED.




Submitted:†† Terri Dobbs