Glen Region Board of Directors Meeting

January 11, 2003

Watkins Glen Library


Called to Order: 10:10 AM


Present: Barb Luther – RE, Bob Burns – Asst. RE, Tim Meddaugh – Past RE, Roxanne Brown – Treasurer, Lin Hurd – Secretary, Rob Craig – Activities Director, Ed Hurd – Director, Bill Schultz – Director, Sandy Nolan – Director.


Absent: Ed Zebrowski – Director


Guests: John Florence, Stu Luther



Motion by Roxanne Brown to approve the November 7, 2002 BoD minutes. Seconded by Bob Burns and carried.


Treasurer’s Report:

Roxanne Brown presented the financial report dated 12/31/02. In addition to this report, the following topics were broached:

1.                  Glen Region has a net surplus of $18,000.

2.                  Awards Banquet took in $1,600 and spent $4,100.

3.                  The 50/50 raffle collected $244, with $120 going to the raffle winner.

A motion to round up the raffle figure and donate $250 to the Motor Racing Research Library was proposed, seconded by Bob Burns and carried.

            4.         $5,000 donation was made to the Research Library. Glen Region SCCA

                        will have a permanent display case in the library.

5.            There have been some pre-paid expenses which include: the National

Convention, the van and calendar fees.

A motion by Bob Burns to accept the treasurer’s report, seconded by Tim Meddaugh and carried.


Old Business:


Van repairs / maintenance:

Jim Brown will service and check the van prior to the trip to the National Convention. Jim Brown also offered to attend the next SOLO II BoD meeting to offer instructions on operating the van with the trailer. If the transmission in the van needs to be replaced, the cost estimate for this is $3,200. A motion to approve a maximum of $3,500, in case this is necessary, was made by Barb Luther, seconded by Tim Meddaugh and carried.


Activities Director Report:

Rob Craig asked for thoughts on the 2002 Annual Banquet. Discussion included the need for a larger facility and a larger menu selection. A new date of December 6, 2003 was proposed in an effort to secure the Seneca Lodge as this year’s banquet site. Tim and Rob will meet with a representative from the Seneca Lodge.

Rob proposed the next membership meeting be held at a go cart track in Binghamton. Twenty people at $20 per, would pay for the track rental. Possibly an invitation to Southern Region would be appropriate. Rob will decide a date and plan this event.


New Business:


SOLO II – Barb needs an updated SOLO II budget for 2003. She would also like to be invited to the next SOLO II BoD meeting. John Florence offered to contact Mike Taves.


2003 Calendar – Monthly meetings of the BoD will be held the 3rd Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM at the Watkins Glen Library. The next BoD meeting will be on Thursday, February 20, 2003.


The Volvo Series will be held on July 27 and 28, 2003.


The AIR event for the July 4th weekend was discussed with the possibility of contacting Central NY and MoHud regions for inclusion. Barb Luther and Tim Meddaugh will pursue this possibility.


F & C at WGI for SCCA races – WGI doesn’t have enough workers to staff Glen events and will provide a price break if the Glen Region supplies 40 to 50 workers. Discussion included Race Services Incorporated, recruiting out of region flaggers, rewards for volunteers, recruiting from the Central NY Region and forming an alliance with the Finger Lakes Region. What resources do we have and how do we attract them? The BoD will vote on proposals by e-mail.


Comp. Board Appointments and Race Administrators – Bob Burns will present the candidates for these positions at the next BoD meeting.


SOLO II BoD – Lin Hurd will present the candidates for these positions at the next BoD meeting.


Other New Business:


Tim Meddaugh requested approval for the implementation of the NE Divisional 2003 Spec Miata Car Preparation Specifications. Motion was tabled and will be presented to the Comp. Board.


Ed Hurd initiated discussion about the Glen Region web site. We are looking for ideas on how the web site should be set up, what needs to be added / deleted, should content items to assigned to specific individuals. We will ask Pat to conduct a class for volunteers who would like training in web site set up. Bob Burns will contact Pat Scopelliti.


Meeting Adjourned: 11:58 AM


Submitted by: Lin Hurd