Glen Region Board of Directors Meeting

February 20, 2003

Watkins Glen Library


Called to Order: 7:05 PM


Present: Barb Luther – RE, Tim Meddaugh – Past RE, Roxanne Brown – Treasurer, Lin Hurd – Secretary, Sandy Nolan – Director, Ed Hurd – Director, Ed Zebrowski – Director


Absent: Bob Burns – Asst. RE, Bill Schultz – Director, Rob Craig – Activities Director


Guests: Bob Brown, Ed Sanders



Motion by Tim Meddaugh to approve the January 11, 2003 BoD minutes. Seconded by Sandy Nolan and carried.


Treasurer’s Report:

Roxanne Brown presented the financial report dated 2/21/03. In addition to the report, the following topic was discussed:

             $4192.00 – Approved for all convention expenses for 2003. Of this, $2542.00

            was used for the National Convention leaving $1650.00 for the Albany Roundtable and the New Hampshire Mini Con. A motion was made by Ed           Zebrowski, to allocate but not exceed $800.00 per convention, not including RE             expenses, registration only, seconded by Ed Hurd and carried.


Comp. BoD Report:

Minutes from the Comp. Board meeting of 2/15/03 were presented and entered into the record. Topics discussed were as follows:

1.      Report from the Glen Region’s Race Med Chief John Cartin.

2.      The July 26 – 27, 2003 Regional.

3.      The October 10 – 12, 2003 Drivers’ School Regional.

4.      July 5-6, 2003 Adirondack International Speedway (AIS).

5.      On line drivers’registration.

6.      Contracts with WGI and AIS.

7.      The possibility of using other tracks.

The next meeting of the Comp. Board will be March 8, 2003 – trip to AIS.


SOLO 2 BoD Report:

Board Members: Mike Taves – Chair, John Florence, Eric Navestad, Andy Sullivan, Lin Hurd. At the BoD meeting on 2/15/03 the following topics were discussed:

1.      2003 schedule of events to include a school.

2.      Capital budget items.

3.      Establish event chairs and potential sites.

4.      2003 specialty chiefs.

Roxanne Brown invited SOLO to utilize the newly found walnut plaques for trophies.

Barb Luther requested the SOLO BoD discuss the possibility of raising the event entry fees to offset increasing expenses.



Old Business:

WGI and Racing in 2003 – The contracts will be out the week of 2/24/03.

Meridith Croucher, Fingerlakes RE and Sandy Nolan attended a meeting with Race Services, Inc. RSI does not want to give up their responsibilities and wants to work with the regions to provide enough workers. They will be meeting again with RSI on 2/21/03. We are looking for ideas to recruit flaggers.


New Business:

Philadelphia Region Request – A request to rent the Glen Region ‘A&B System’ (transponder and timing equipment) for a Mini Grand Prix fundraiser for ADA on Sunday, 4/27/03. A motion to authorize Marie Hecox to take the equipment to the event for rent of $300.00 was proposed by Sandy Nolan, seconded by Lin Hurd and carried.


National Convention –Those who attend the convention (paid for by the Region) should be expected to contribute back to the region in some way. Possibly, writing an article for the Sparkplug or other ideas welcome.


Sparkplug - Barb would like more member input to include constructive criticism.


Roundtable in Albany – There will be a SOLO 2 course design seminar at this convention. The BoD supports the SOLO membership attending.


Calendar for 2003 – The calendar needs to be completed. It will include:

1.      BoD meeting dates.

2.      Banquet date.

3.      Annual meeting date.

4.      All SCCA events and those events the SCCA supports / helps out with.

5.      Vintage Race


Web Page – Pat Scopelliti is working on updating and improving the web site and is seeking input. One suggestion is to put a page dedicated to merchandise sales on the site.

Pat will be invited to the March, 2003 BoD meeting.


Remainder of BoD Appointments – 2003 Administrative appointments were discussed. These will be finalized at the March meeting.


Other – The Property Chairman position needs to be filled. Ed Hurd volunteered.


Meeting Adjourned: Sandy Nolan proposed a motion to adjourn at 9:05 PM. Seconded by Ed Zebrowski and carried.


Submitted by: Lin Hurd