Glen Region Board of Directors Meeting

March 20, 2003

Watkins Glen Library


Called to Order: 7:08 PM


Present: Barb Luther – RE, Tim Meddaugh – Past RE, Bill Schultz – Director, Sandy Nolan – Director, Ed Hurd – Director, Ed Zebrowski – Director.


Absent: Bob Burns – Asst. RE, Roxanne Brown – Treasurer, Lin Hurd – Secretary, Rob Craig – Activities Director.


Guest: Ed Sanders


Minutes: Motion by Ed Hurd to approve the February 20, 2003 BoD minutes. Seconded by Tim Meddaugh and carried.


Treasurers Report: Barb gave a brief financial report in Roxanne’s absent. There was no income or expense with exception to membership dues, essentially no change.


Activities Report: Rob was not present. The only item discussed was that membership meetings are not currently held on a monthly basis, as needed.


Comp. BoD Report: Six Glen Region members traveled to AIS on March 8. The trip takes 3 hours, from Elmira. Refer to the attached report. Lowville is well known for its ice cream at the one and only local eatery. Pencil in July 4th weekend for the fun! Next Comp. BoD meeting: March 30, 2003 at 1:00 PM.


Old Business

Race Updates: The contract for WGI arrived on 3/20/03. They are to be signed by 4/1/03 and deposit received by 5/1/03. Note: the overtime charge has increased so events need to be kept on time, as much as possible.


Mini Con:  F&C talked up favorably.

                  On-line registration is up and running.

                  Tech. – Checking roll bar tubing. No more flat welds are allowed.

                  Spec. Miata – rules and regulations not in GCR – how are they to be upheld?

                                         Accepted by NeDiv. – in effect for 2003. New rules for 2004.


New Business:

  1. NESCCA website now has on-line registration and has changed the format of the

       calendar – check it out.

  1. SOLO 2 Board Chair Mike Taves has recommended a SOLO 2 event cost

       increase to $15.00 for SCCA members, $25.00 for non-members. Motion

       to approve by Tim Meddaugh, seconded by Bill Schultz and carried.


  1. Administrative appointment: Ed Hurd volunteered for Property Chairman. Ed will

      Contact Dale Terry for the necessary information (computer printouts, etc.).

  1. The monthly BoD meeting for April will be held on April 24, 2003 and Bill

      Bradshaw will be asked to speak regarding the needed Bi-Law changes. The

      Website Bi-Laws are not correct – the correct ones are dated 2/6/96 – Sandy

      will scan them to send to Barb.

  1. The membership should be polled on meetings. Possibly, invite the Glen Region

      members to a SOLO 2 event as a membership meeting with pizza and soda or a

      picnic – 5/18/03.

  1. Bring ideas to the next BoD meeting for the Nominating Committee. Other topics to consider:

-         Bi-Law changes.

-         Paid Treasurer position.

-         Purchasing Agent for the region.


Meeting Adjourned: 8:20 PM

Minutes taken by: Sandy Nolan

Submitted by: Lin Hurd