Glen Region Board of Directors Meeting

May, 15, 2003

Watkins Glen Library


Call to Order: 7:09 PM


Present: Barb Luther – RE, Tim Meddaugh – Past RE, Bob Burns – Asst. RE, Lin Hurd – Secretary, Ed Hurd – Director, Ed Zebrowski – Director.


Absent: Roxanne Brown – Treasurer, Rob Craig – Activities Director, Bill Schultz – Director, Sandy Nolan – Director.


Minutes: Motion by Barb Luther to approve the April 24, 2003 BoD minutes, seconded by Bob Burns and carried.


Treasurers Report: Not available at this time.


Activities Report: Not available at this time.


Old Business:

Motor Safety Sports Seminar:

There were 52 attendees. On opening day at WGI there were 8 novices working stations. 10 SCCA membership applications given out and 3 people joined the Glen Region for F&C.


New Business:

Nominating Committee:

A Nominating Committee, consisting of 1 chair and 5 members needs to be in place by August 15, 2003. The BoD needs a list of Glen Region members.

General Membership Meeting:

The General Membership Meeting will be held on Thursday, June 26, 2003 at 7:30 PM at the Seneca Lodge in Watkins Glen. Refreshments will be served.

Test Days at WGI:

The cost of insurance has taken a significant increase. WGI has agreed to pay 1/3 of the weekend basic insurance plus $1000.00. Motion by Tim Meddaugh to accept Barb Luther’s negotiations with WGI, seconded by Ed Hurd and carried.

AIR July 4th Weekend:

The SCCA National has not, as of yet, sanctioned this event.


The SOLO 2003 schedule has been posted on the Glen Region web site. The first event, held on 4/27/03 attracted 50 drivers with many participants coming from the Western NY Region.


Next Meeting:

General Membership Meeting, Thursday, June 26, 2003 at 7:30 PM, at the Seneca Lodge.


Meeting  Adjourned: 8:02 PM

Submitted by: Lin Hurd