Glen Region Board of Directors Meeting

June 26, 2003

Seneca Lodge


Call to Order: 7:10 PM


Present: Bob Burns Asst. RE, Tim Meddaugh- Past RE, Lin Hurd Secretary, Ed Hurd Director, Ed Zebrowski Director.


Absent: Barb Luther RE, Roxanne Brown Treasurer, Rob Craig Activities Director, Bill Schultz Director, Sandy (Nolan) Sanders Director.


Minutes: Motion by Bob Burns to approve the May 15, 2003 BoD minutes, seconded by Ed Hurd and carried.


Treasurers Report: Not available at this time. Discussion regarding the timely paying of bills occurred and was resolved by assurance that any outstanding issues would be addressed immediately.


Activities Report: Not available at this time.


Old Business:

AIS: The SCCA sanction was in and at the time there were 15 entries with more expected. (Ultimately the event was canceled as the facility was not ready for the event.)

July Regional Race: Is the merchandise Pyramid at WGI to be open? No, not if it is required to pay them to open.

A request from Bill Foster to display open and closed trailers at this event he must have permission from WGI.

Glen Region Flag: Seeking a source for a new one.. Once a new one is made, the old one will be retired to the ceiling of the Seneca Lodge. Ed and Lin Hurd will check into a possible vendor in Ithaca.

Annual Business Meeting: At the Watkins Glen Library on 11/22/03 at 8:00 PM.


Meeting Adjourned: 7:45 PM

Submitted by: Lin Hurd