Glen Region Board of Directors Meeting

July 17, 2003

Watkins Glen Library


Call to Order: 7:10 PM


Present: Barb Luther – RE, Bob Burns – Asst. RE, Tim Meddaugh – Past RE, Lin Hurd – Secretary, Rob Craig – Activities Director, Ed Hurd – Director, Ed Zebrowski – Director, Bill Schultz – Director, Sandy Sanders – Director.


Absent: Roxanne Brown – Treasurer



There were two corrections which needed to be made to the April 24, 2003 minutes and discussion ensued as to the best way to accomplish this. In accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order, the corrections (versus amendments) were made to the minutes and re-submitted to the BoD members.

Motion by Ed Zebrowski, to approve the June 26, 2003 BoD minutes, seconded by Sandy and carried.

Motion by Tim Meddaugh, to approve the June 26, 2003 General Membership minutes, seconded by Ed Hurd and carried.


Treasurer’s Report: Not available.


Activities Report:

Awards Banquet – Will the Seneca Lodge commit to staying open for an additional week? Tim Meddaugh will find out by the end of July.


Old Business:

Nominating Committee-

The following people have agreed to serve on the Nominating Committee –

John Florence – Chair

Jeff Peterson

Joe Atkinson

Ray Carmody

Motion to accept the above Nominating Committee members’, proposed by Bob Burns, seconded by Bill Schultz and carried.

One more member is being sought and when found, BoD will seek approval by e-mail.

Glen Region Flag – Stu Luther will check with AARCO in Binghamton to see if they can reproduce the flag.


New Business:

Competition Board – Next meeting: 7/27/03.

AIR - Discussion of a possible October event. The SCCA approved the venue, with noted changes. All identified modifications must occur before any commitment to hold an event, is made.


WGI Test Day – A separate sanction number has been issued by the SCCA for this event. The rental agreement with WGI cites $225.00 per car for 102 cars.

Bob Burns reports that three additional Stewards are needed:

A ‘Black Flag Steward’

A ‘Tech Steward’

An extra Steward,1 in case needed.


Regional Drivers School – The school has an adequate number of instructors and has the following participant numbers:

84 drivers entered on-line.

102 drivers entered through the mail.


Next Meeting – There will be no August, 2003 meeting. The next BoD meeting will be on 9/18/03 and will be held at Sandy Sanders cottage (directions to follow).


Meeting Adjourned: 8:00 PM

Submitted by: Lin Hurd