Glen Region Board of Directors Meeting

October 9, 2003

Watkins Glen International


Call to Order: 6:15 PM


Present: Barb Luther – RE, Bob Burns – Asst. RE, Tim Meddaugh – Past RE, Lin Hurd – Secretary, Rob Craig – Activities Director, Ed Hurd – Director, Bill Schultz – Director, Sandy Sanders – Director.


Guests: John Florence, Marie Heacox.


Absent: Roxanne Brown – Treasurer, Ed Zebrowski – Director.


Minutes: Motion to approve the July 17, 2003 BoD  meeting minutes by Sandy Sanders, seconded by Bill Schultz and carried.


Treasurer’s Report: Presented by Barb Luther, the tally sheet showed a net profit of $6,641.08, to date. Lin Hurd requested a break down of the SOLO 2 expenses. Motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report, with the outstanding request by Lin Hurd, made by Sandy Sanders, seconded by Bill Schultz and carried.


Activities Report:  The next (season final) SOLO 2 is scheduled for Sunday, 10/19/03, to be held at the ARC of Watkins Glen.


Report from the Nominating Committee: John Florence presented the following nominees for election to the Glen Region Board of Directors:

For the position of RE: Robert Burns

For the position of Asst. RE: Sandy Sanders and Ed Zebrowski

For the position of Director: Skip Testut

For the position of Director: Joe Atkinson

For the position of Treasurer: Lin Hurd

For the position of Secretary: Cheryl Boynton

For the position of Activities Director: John Florence


A motion to extend the deadline, that a qualified petition for additional BoD nominations be submitted, from 10/10/03 to 10/20/03 proposed by Tim Meddaugh, seconded by Ed Hurd and carried.


Old Business: None.


New Business:

Regional Dues: Discussion of a possible annual regional dues increase from $10.00 to $15.00 ensued. A motion to keep the dues at $10.00 proposed by Lin Hurd, seconded by Bill Schultz and carried.


2004 Race Season:

Discussion about a possible ‘double national’ and what this would entail.

- Half of qualifying would occur of the Friday.

- Drivers would have to pay two entry fees.

- Single National cost: $200.00, double National cost: $350.00.

- A test day on the previous Thursday would cost an additional $225.00.

- Sandy Sanders expressed concern over her ability to staff worker stations.


The following dates for the 2004 race season have been set:

National: 7/10-11/04

Regional: 7/24-25/04

Finger Lakes: 9/18-19/04

Drivers School: 10/-15-17/04


Marie Heacox proposed the following dates are available for a SCCA sanctioned race at AIR -  6/5-6/04 and 8/14-15/04. Bob Burns proposed a motion that we attempt to secure the 8/14-15/04 dates. Motion seconded by Sandy Sanders and carried.


Outsourcing bookkeeping for 2004:

Discussion about possibly outsourcing bookkeeping for 2004 reaped the following proposal:

“The 2003 BoD proposes to outsource bookkeeping to a non-SCCA affiliated entity for the 2004 calendar year, under the direction of the 2004 Treasurer and the Board of Directors of 2004.”

A motion to accept this proposal and language was proposed by Sandy Sanders, seconded by Bob Burns and carried.


Mini Con:

Mini Con will be held 11/14-16/03 in Hartford, Conn. The van will be going and hotel reservations can be made by calling 1-800-228-9290. The Region will reimburse the $90.00 entry fee for all BoD members and Chiefs of Specialty up to a maximum of 12 people. A motion to accept this proposal was made by Bob Burns, seconded by Rob Craig and carried.


Annual Meeting:

The annual meeting will be held on Saturday 11/22/03 at the Motor Racing Research Library. An invitation to annual meeting will be included in the ballot mailing.


Awards Banquet:

The Awards Banquet will be held on Saturday, Dec. 6, 2003 at the Glenora Winery. Dinner entrée choices will be beef, chicken or seafood. The cost for SCCA members and guests will be $20.00 per person. The Region will subsidize the remaining expense. A motion to accept this proposal was made by Bill Schultz, seconded by Rob Craig and carried.



Region Flag:

The projected cost, to replace the Glen Region flag is $300.00. Half that cost will be covered by a donation. Discussion occurred about the possibility of purchasing a second new flag if a discount is available.


Memorial Contributions:

Bob Burns requested the Region fund a memorial brick, at the Motor Racing Research Library, in the name of Lindy Hart, at a cost of $100.00. A motion to accept this proposal was made by Ed Hurd, seconded by Bill Schultz and carried.


The need to develop a policy to standardize Region practice in this type of situation was discussed. For the time being, each situation will be handled on a case-by-case basis.


Next Meeting: Thursday, November 20, 2003.


Meeting Adjourned: 8:15 PM

Submitted by: Lin Hurd