October 21, 2004
Glen Region BOD

PRESENT: RE: Ed Zebrowski, Secretary: Cheryl Boynton. Treasurer: Lin Hurd, Directors: Ed Hurd, Joe Atkinson, Bill Schultz, Skip Testut, and Immediate Past RE: Barb Luther
ABSENT: Asst. RE: Bob Burns and Activities Director: Sandy Sanders
GUESTS: Marie Heacox and Tim Meddaugh

MOTION: By Barb Luther, second by, Skip Testut, to approve the minutes of the September 17, 2004 BOD meeting with a correction: page two motion was to refund 3 garages, not 2 as typed. Carried.

Ed received an e-mail from Bryan Cohn, who is looking for a 2005 National Specialty Administrator. Barb told us that Lou Devillers has stated that we are still a not for profit organization and we will probable owe the IRS nothing. The Mini Con will be held November 12 - 14 in Uniondale, NY.

MOTION: by Bill Schultz, second by Joe Atkinson, to approve the Treasurerís Report as presented by Lin Hurd. Carried

Activities report was given by Ed Zebrowski. Sandy Sanders e-mailed the report to him. Things are being firmed up for the Awards Banquet, and invitations should be out soon.

There were enough workers for the last event. Six worker bears have been ordered for end of year perks. Membership report - we have two new members. All went well with the credit cards for the Last Chance.

Worker Licensing Chief - no new information.

Credit card for the Region. Perhaps a debit card would be better.

MOTION: by Skip Testut, second by Lin Hurd, to have two Higher Education Grants this year. Carried.

SCCA has dropped the Pro Rally series. It will not affect the Glen Region. Chairman of Budget and Finance will be given up by Roger Holman.

MOTION: by Barb Luther, second by Skip Testut to name Tim Meddaugh as the Chairman of Budget and Finance.

MOTION: by Barb Luther, second by Bill Schultz, to pay the $65 registration fee for the Glen Region attendees, pay the RE expenses and take the van as transportation to the Mini Con. Carried.

Marie Heacox told us that the July event will probably not be a MARRS event.

Adjourn at 8:35 pm.

In the Spirit of the Sport.

Cheryl Boynton