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Apr 5 Green Grand Prix, @WGI
2016 Green Grand Prix
Volunteers needed

The 12th Annual Green Grand Prix SCCA TSD road rallies will be held Friday, April 15th. We need volunteers! As always, all SCCA volunteers will receive a complimentary dinner at the Glen Club later in the day.

This year our schedule needs to be flip-flopped because we won't have access to the WGI track until 2 PM, so we will hold the public road rally segment in the morning, operating out the IMRRC.

We will need tech inspectors, people to help with registration, gridding, and flagging. Here's what our basic schedule for Friday, April 15th looks like:

7:00 A.M. Orientation for all volunteers IMRRC
8:00- 8:45 Registration and tech inspection for all entries IMRRC and adj. parking lot
9:30-12 noon Doris Bovee Mem. Road Rally starts @ Havanna Glen
1:30 P.M. Staging for Toyota Green Grand Prix WGI Wedgwood Road
2:00- 4:00 Toyota Green Grand Prix fuel econ. rally WGI short track
5:15 P.M. Awards Dinner Glen Club

We expect about 45 entries about half of which will be from schools. Here is a chance to see some interesting technology and a bunch of enthusiastic Auto Tech students being introduced to rallying, and get a free dinner at the Glen Club. What could be better!

Please contact Bob Gillespie for details: ph. 315-694-2812