Glen Region Board of Directors Meeting

May 3, 2001

Watkins Glen Motor Racing Research Library




PRESENT:  Tim Meddaugh RE, Skip Testut Asst RE, Roxanne Brown Treas., Robbie

Craig Act. Dir., Gina Metcalf Dir., Sandra Nolan Dir., Dale Terry Dir., Ed Zebrowski



ABSENT:    Tern Dobbs Sec., Betty Page Past RE


GUEST:   Bob Brown


MINUTES : BOD minutes from April 5, 2001 were read. MOTION by Skip Testut, seconded by Sandy Nolan to accept the minutes as written. CARRIED


TREASURERS REPORT: Rox Brown presented a current balance sheet. MOTION by Dale Terry, seconded by Skip Testut to accept the Treasurers report. CARRIED


ACTIVITIES REPORT: Robbie Craig reported that the first Solo II had 39 entrants.

A Road racing e-mail list was initiated and sent to the Sparkplug and the web site.

A letter was sent to Toshiba about a TV! VCR donation.

The web site has been updated and reformatted it make easier to use.

That a Rally program information was sent in to the Sparkplug and the web site to

generate interest and participation in this program.

A Drivers School has been scheduled for the Solo II program for June 23rd• A regular

Solo Ii event will be held on June 24”’.


MEMBERSHIP:           None


CORRESPONDENCE: A letter from Watkins Glen Promotions recruiting workers for the Vintage events in town for the September Vintage weekend was presented. RE News and other Regions newsletters were past around. NASCAR Night in the Heights flyer and a Rouch Creek Track construction update were presented.


OLD BUSINESS: WGI contracts were confirmed.

Using the Paddock Club services were confirmed.

Sandra Nolan handed out an information sheet on the 2001 Roundtable! 45”’ anniversary.

The Roundtable committee is looking for volunteers to help out with this event.


NEW BUSINESS: A stationary supplies quote was received from Sunset Printers.

MOTION by Skip Testut, and seconded by Sandy Nolan, to accept the quote of $296 for

2000 letterheads, and not to spend over $225 for 2000 envelopes. CARRIED

A service agreement contract was received from AMB. MOTION by Dale Terry and

seconded by Sandy Nolan to accept the $395 contract including the ChronX 3.0 update

and other subsequent updates of ChronX free of charge. The first year of the contract is free. CARRIED

The Competition Boards format of the Aug. Sprints, and the OCT. Drivers School, Enduro, lday Regional was discussed.




Minutes submitted by Dale L. Terry