Glen Region Board of Directors meeting

November 1, 2001

Watkins Glen Racing Research Library




PRESENT: Tim Meddaugh RE, Skip Testut Asst. RE, Roxanne Brown Treas., Terri Dobbs Sec., Gina Metcalf Dir., Ed Zebrowski Dir., Dale Terry Dir., Sandy Nolan Dir., Rob Craig Act Dir.


ABSENT:Betty Page Past RE


GUEST:Barb Luther


MINUTES:Correction to the October 4 minutes Schuyler was spelled incorrectly.MOTION by Skip Testut to approve the minutes with the correction.SECONDED by Rox Brown.CARRIED.


TREASURERíS REPORT:Rox Brown gave the treasurerís report and everything for the year is looking very good.There are only a few items that need to be paid for the year, such as higher education grant, year-end trophies, awards banquet.MOTION by Terri Dobbs to approve the treasurerís report.SECONDED by Dale Terry.CARRIED.


ACTIVITIES REPORT: Solo program is winding down.Awards banquet will be at the Radisson in Corning on Dec. 8.Cocktails at 6, dinner at 7.MOTION by Rox Brown to set price at $20.00 per person,$15.00 for each person under 18 that attends.The region will cover expenses that exceed this amount.SECONDED Sandy Nolan.CARRIED.Mailing should be out in the mail with in a week to week in half.


MEMBERSHIP REPORT:Betty has not received a new membership report from Denver for this month, so membership numbers are the same as last month.


CORRESPONDENCE:A memo from Steve Johnson was received in regards to SCCA Pro Racing, LTD.In this memo was stated the focus of Pro racing, LTD will be. 1. Deliver first class SCCA products to the fans, sponsors, tracks and members.2. Deliver a television broadcast that elevates the SCCA and puts us back as a leading racing organization.3.Sanction several other series in 2003, i.e., Shelby, Cobra Challenge Senior Series; others pending.4.Maximize return on investment for current sponsors and deliver new sponsors.5.Focus on attracting new demographics to roading racing, i.e., Sport Compact Car Crowd.6.Most importantly, deliver a profit that enables Pro Racing to invest in its future and pay back the debt owed to SCCA, Inc.Brock Yates will be speaking at the Library on Nov 3 at 1:00Pm.Rally Cross Sat. Nov. 10 at Perry Park.




Comp Board will be meeting to decide on year-end awards.

2002 ROUNDTABLE:Plans are coming along nicely for the Roundtable.Full registration will be $85.00, seminars with lunch $30.00, banquet only $35.00. Glen region members banquet only $25.00.Barb and Sandy are still looking for help; please call either one if you would like to help out.


FEASIBILITY AND PLANNING COMMITTEE:The purpose of this committee will be to explore the possibility of land purchase and its feasibility for possible rally cross and erecting a storage facility with the possibility of more uses in the future.Tim submitted the following people for this committee Ed Zebrowski, Skip Testut, Roger Holman, and Tim Meddaugh.MOTION by Terri Dobbs to appoint these people to the Feasibility and Planning committee.SECONDED by Dale Terry.MOTION by Sandy Nolan to amend the previous motion to include an invitation to Dave Davies to be an advisor to the committee.SECONDED by Rox Brown.Amendment CARRIED.Original motion with amendment CARRIED.




Discussion about the amount in our A.G. Edward Checking account and that we donít need to carry such a high balance.The money would do more good in our long-term investment account.MOTION by Skip Testut to draw down the A.G. Edwards checking account to $50,000 and transfer the remainder to be reinvested in our long-term account.SECONDED by Sandy Nolan.CARRIED.


NEDIV calendar for 2002 was presented.This will be firmed up at the Mini Con in Harrisburg.At which time it will be published in the Sparkplug.


WGI track dates for 2002: MOTION by Ed Zebrowski to approve and sign the letter of intent with WGI for the following date July 13-14 National, July 27-28 Regional, October 11-12-13 Drivers School/ Regional.SECONDED by Skip Testut.CARRIED.

The prices for track rental for 2002 will be $9,000 a day Friday thru Sunday, up from $8,500 a day last year.There will be the discount of $500 a day for the use of WGI catering again this year.


MOTION by Gina Metcalf to purchase and install running boards for the region van not to exceed $300.00.SECONDED by Sandy Nolan.CARRIED.


MOTION by Rob Craig to approve an expenditure of $25.00 each for a donation to the appropriate charity in the memory of Sharon Grabowski and Dave Beach.SECONDED by Gina Metcalf.CARRIED.


Adjourned 9:35PM


Submitted by Terri Dobbs