Foundering at the Iroquois Foundry and the August Solo II Report

Many of us in the Glen Region Solo program are familiar with the Iroquois Foundry lot in Waverly. Always a challenge to our course designers, this uneven lot with several imperfections became an even greater challenge at the Glen Region’s August Solo II event on August 20th as large trailers had taken up residence on the southwest corner of an already very small surface. Despite this challenge the course design committee came up with a two lap, clockwise, tear drop layout with offset gates down the sides ending with a sharp, clockwise hook for the second lap or a counterclockwise hook through the timing lights. In all honesty, it was hard to determine the most challenging aspect of the course. Some thought it was the “decision turn” at the south end of the course which resulted in many a fallen cone, although nowhere as many cones as at our April event. In fact, George Dohanich tried to knock down every cone in that section during one run and on another he threw more parts from his Neon than a W.W.II bomber dropping chaff trying to evade enemy radar detection. Others commented that the apparently increasing slipperiness of the course as the event progressed was the most problematic. Still others, including this writer, thought that the attempt to agree on a single, correct spelling for the site’s name, as evidenced by the Glen Region’s web site, was the most challenging. Whatever it was, 37 drivers constituting the Glen Region’s largest August event turnout in many years, came to try their skills under nearly perfect conditions: Sunny, partly cloudy skies and temperatures in the high 70s. What’s more, between the weather, the excellent work in timing by the Pierces, and quick work by course workers nine runs per driver was easily achieved.

The largest classes of the event were G-Stock and Street Touring S with five drivers apiece. In G-Stock Brian Tyburski (‘94 Ford Probe GT) took an early lead and refused to give it back despite valiant efforts by Nile Heermans (‘90 Nissan 240SX). Nile, despite suffering through an ignition failure, managed a highly respectable second place one half second behind Brian, who also took the day’s PAX title. In STS it was Todd Totman in his it’s purple, no it’s mauve ‘96 Plymouth, no it’s a Dodge, Neon. Todd, like Brian Tyburski, jumped to an early lead and kept it through the entire event with some fine driving, never knocking down a single cone in the process. Meanwhile down in Street Touring X, only 7/10 of a second separated the three STX drivers as Ken Pierce came from behind to edge out John and Greg Pierce, all driving the same car, a 1987 BMW 325is.

In other multi-driver classes, Skip Testut (‘01 Honda S2000) got by his old nemesis, Phil Cornell (‘95 BMW M3) for B-Stock honors and Patrick Warner (‘91 Mazda RX-7) edged out current E-Stock class leader, Rich “I want to be a ricer” Chernosky (‘87 Toyota MR-2) for the E-Stock trophy. Finally, Casey Creamer claimed the fastest time of the day (FTD) in his Techno Cart. It should be mentioned that Casey was so affected by his excellent run time that while leaving the event he cut me off, leaned his head out of the window of his truck and exclaimed, “See, I’m still ahead of you!” Anyone else think that Casey should be made to carry a certain 60# weight in his cart?!? The rest of the event results may be viewed at the Glen Region web site:

The event would not have been possible without the contribution of many, many volunteer workers, but special thanks to go Mike Taves, the event chair, and Thak Chaloemtiarana, the chief safety steward. Both gentlemen showed up despite not having a suitable car to drive. Mike’s car had been having mechanical problems and Thak didn’t want his to get dirty (He kept muttering, “Wax on, wax off” under his breath during the entire event). It also needs to be mentioned that the event would not have been possible without Ken Pierce’s behind the scenes timing equipment work. He may not have been the one who finally got it repaired, but it was through Ken’s efforts that we had the timing equipment in great shape for the August event.


With the August event into the record books the season standings are starting to gel. It’s still far too early to predict who will win in all of the classes. In fact, the standings have changed already in many of the classes since the last report in July. Keeping in mind that the list below includes many drivers who may never see another event or may not even be members of the Glen Region, thus eliminating them from contention here are the current, unabridged, class leaders:

(more than one name indicates a tie for first; * indicates a change since the last report)

A-Modified: Mike Sullivan (‘00 Chevrolet Powered Leprechaun)
A-Street Prepared: Ed Hurd (‘87 Porsche 944S)
B-Prepared: Tim O’Brien (‘77 Porsche 930)
B-Stock: Skip Testut (‘01 Honda S2000)
C-Prepared: Lin Hurd (‘98 Mustang Cobra)
C-Stock: Tedd Hurd (‘83 Mazda RX-7)
C-Street Prepared: A.J. Lombardo (‘95 Mazda Miata)
D-Modified: Scott Nettleship (‘70 Lotus 7 Series IV)
D-Stock: Dale Kunze (‘98 Acura Integra R)
Brian Thompson (‘03 Subaru WRX)
Michael Leach (‘87 VW Scirocco)
D-Street Prepared: George Dohanich (‘95 Dodge Neon)
E-Modified: Mike Eames (‘01 Ford Mustang)
E-Stock: Rich Chernosky (‘88 Toyota MR-2)
*E-Street Prepared: Aaron Boltman (‘02 Chevrolet Camaro SS)
Formula 125: Casey Creamer (Techno Cart)
F-Modified: Brian Ciarlei (‘88 Red Devil)
*F-Stock: Jason Riesbeck (‘94 Chevrolet Camaro)
Baron Fang (‘03 Mercedes-Benz C)
Larry Rhode (‘94 Ford Mustang)
*F-Street Prepared: Adam Bruce (‘84 VW Rabbit GTI)
*G-Stock: Nile Heermans (‘90 Nissan 240SX)
H-Stock: Andy Sullivan (‘87 Pontiac Fiero)
*Street Modified: Daniel Keen (‘97 Chevrolet Camaro Z-28)
Super Stock: Phil Michael (‘93 Mazda RX-7)
John Florence (‘87 Corvette)
Street Touring-S Todd Totman (‘96 Plymouth Neon)
Street Touring-X Ken Pierce (‘87 BMW 325is)


The PAX is a handicapping index which rates the drivers as though they were all driving identical, A-Modified cars. Since the July event there have been changes in the leadership ranks, but the season isn’t over yet. At present the standings are (* indicates a change since the last report):

1. Skip Testut (‘01 Honda S2000) 584 points
*2. Ken Pierce (‘87 BMW 325is) 579 points
*3. Todd Totman (‘96 Plymouth Neon) 569 points


The Iroquois Foundry, while nowhere as cone destructive as the Mills Pride event in April, proved to be ripe for cone hunting. Finger Lake Region’s Jason Riesbeck plowed through 12 pylons in one day to carry him from obscurity directly into third place. It was all for naught, though, as Jeanne Peterson steadily building upon previous efforts catapulted herself into first place with 18 cones for the season high edging out last month’s leader, Greg Pierce, who managed to avoid hitting even one of the plastic pariahs. Apparently, we’re living in gentler times, as over the past few years either a Mark Lockhart or a Joe Kilmer would have doubled Jeanne’s amount by now. We’re proud of you guys.

In closing, the 2003 season still has plenty of opportunity left for interested drivers. Three Glen Region and one out-of-region events remain to be held so put on your best shoes and come out to play with us at the next Glen Region event on Saturday, September 13 at Corning Community College in Corning. We’ll keep the timing lights on for you.