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Election Info
Glen Region

Attention Glen Region members: The draft ballot for the 2019 Board of Directors is now available for review. If you are not listed on the ballot but are interested in running for one of the available positions, please submit a completed petition (signed by 20 region members) to the Nominating Committee prior to Friday, September 28, per our by-laws.

For more information, please contact one of our Nominating Committee members: Chris Camadella, Mark Lockhart, or Tom Weaver.

Draft ballot:
  • RE: Ed Zebrowski
  • Assistant RE: Kyle Colbey
  • Secretary: Allan Kintz
  • Treasurer: Jennifer Kintz
  • Directors (two positions open):
    - Tim Meddaugh
    - Steve Spano

  • Activities: Cheryl Zebrowski

Additional nominations may be made by a written petition signed by any twenty (20) members in good standing, and with the consent of the nominee, to be submitted to the committee in writing within a 10 day period of the draft ballot being made available to the General Membership.