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Jul 22 Solo, 8:00 am @Elmira College Domes
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Glen Region of the SCCA
Presents Intro to Autocross

What is Autocross? Autocross uses traffic cones to make a mini road course on large paved parking lots and see who can drive it the quickest without hitting any cones or going off course. Despite the generally low speeds attained during competition, it's one of the fastest paced, rapid-fire forms of motorsports you can find. Competitors range from the casual participants who may use the same daily driver that they car pool with to the hard-core who have a purpose built car. The SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) has branded their autocross as "Solo".

Now that you know a little about Solo maybe you would like to try your hand in competing. Our region has decided to host a day where anyone interested can come try Solo without committing to one of our full day events. The event will be held at Watkins Glen Race Track in the North paddock area on June 10,2017. To register you would need to go to . You will have to open an account with Motorsports Registration to do so (it costs nothing) after you have completed the registration show up and have a good time.

The day will be broken into two sessions and you can choose which one you would like to participate in. Morning session from 9-12 and afternoon session from 1-4. We will be limiting the number of entrants to 20 per session. Make sure you clean out your car of unneeded items prior to coming for your session. Each session will include all the elements of our normal autocross which includes a tech inspection of your car, course safety talk, course walk, and timed runs by entrants. We will have experienced solo drivers there to help you to ensure everyone has a good time. The cost for this will be $25 (our normal event is $45). If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at or call/text 570-418-2912. Please call between 4pm-9pm only email and text anytime.