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Welcome to Sound Control at the Glen Region

It should come as no surprise to learn that we live in a noisy world. From the din of amplified music coming forth from ancient Hondas to power tools, none of us escapes the sounds of modern times. But high sound levels are nothing new and many of us have been around long enough to remember be-finned convertibles running around with AM radios set to “Nuclear Destruct” levels.

You and I enter the picture, as we happen to enjoy an activity, hobby to some obsession to others, where high sound levels are more than a by-product, they’re an integral part of the experience. Who among us doesn’t love the rumble of the big-bore V-8s, whether it be domestic Chevy or exotic Maserati, the edgy bite of the old Minis, the authoritative drone of the BMW inline six, or the banshee wail of almost any Italian engine ever made anytime, anywhere.

Great stuff, except exposure to high intensity sound levels can lead to permanent hearing loss and its often malevolent partner, tinnitus (subjective head noises, usually ringing, buzzing, or “cricket-like” sounds). The relationship between high sound levels and hearing loss has been known for hundreds of years, even being referred to as “Boilermaker’s Disease” although it has nothing to do with staying at your favorite tavern for that extra drink or two

Loud sounds can also make us unwanted as neighbors. The SCCA knowing the latter has had an official interest in sound control since 1981, when Charles Kulmann served as the first sound control manager. Since then SCCA has established its own standards and proscribed methods of sound measurement.

The result today is an objective, replicable, measure of sound output with a currently stated, maximum allowable, per vehicle limit of 103 decibels (A). We of the Glen Region take our sound control seriously. Our goal is not to restrict fun or even to set our own standards. The former is counter to our avowed purpose as track junkies and the latter would require more time, money, and human beings than our region has.

Our goals are to help enforce the SCCA mandated maximum and gather data we hope will help us learn about the sound levels to which we’re exposed in this most glorious pastime of ours.

SOUND CONTROL WORKERS WANTED: We are always looking for sound control volunteers. This is an excellent way to become involved in the Glen Region and best of all, no experience is necessary. We'll even provide all of the training and give you track side exposure.

Please contact Skip Testut, Sound Control Chief, Glen Region
Home Phone: 607-272-0519