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  The Glen website has been reorganized. The intent is to give you one-page/one-click access to all Glen information. The reorganization uses the following sections:
  1. Official information. Here you'll find all the officials of the region (both elected and appointed), the by-laws that govern the Glen Region of the SCCA, board minutes, etc.
  2. Road racing information. Here you'll find the road racing schedule, results, announcements, etc.
  3. SOLO II information. Here you'll find everything about the SOLO II program including the schedule, results, the volunteers who manage the SOLO II program, etc.
  4. Rally information. At the moment, the Rally program is inactive so you will not find much information there.
  5. Worker information. Here you'll find everything about the Flagging & Communications (corner workers) and Timing & Scoring.
  6. Special event information. Here you'll find information about non-race events such as picnics, annual meetings, etc.
  7. The Marketplace. Here is where you can find items for sale, or items wanted. You can also submit an ad for entry.
  8. Web site information. This contains information about the website including other racing-related weblinks, a place for your feedback about the website, and website statistics.

Please use the feedback page if there is anything you feel should be posted on the website that is not there. This website is for you the reader.