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Yes, transponders are used as the primary system for timing in qualifying and as a back up during the race sessions, but the primary system used during the race is the scoring team, made up of tapers and lapcharters. Each lapchart requires two or three tapers, and we need more tapers.

We are not looking for a full day commitment, but need people to work one or two groups each day to tape (write down the car numbers as they cross the control line). We will also provide instruction on how to lapchart for those interested, as well as data input for the computer.

Come to the timing tower and we will train you in whatever job interests you. T&S people are friendly, we have good snacks, and you’ll have a roof over your head. And this experience can give crew members, friends, family, and even the driver a chance to see what it takes to put out the results. If you need more information contact Marie Sheehe at, 585-594-0793 (home), or 607-731-7882 (cell).