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To Glen Region Solo Event Chairs:

   This page outlines your responsibilities, and provides you with some materials you will need.

   Outside of rulings over matters of safety, which are the purview of the Safety Steward, the Event Chair is the most important person in terms of overall responsibility for the success of an event. You will have lots of help from others, and more if you ask for it, but you are calling the shots that day, and must make sure that all the pieces fit together. As an outline, consider the following as non-inclusive (because you never know what might go wrong or come up) list of your responsibilities:
  • Plan every detail of the event, working with the Chief of Sites on procuring the site, and with the Chief of Course Design/Set up to establish the course for the day.
  • Make sure all insurance sanctions are submitted in time, and any special requirements of the site owner are documented in writing and met satisfactorily
  • Recruit a Safety Steward and, if necessary, and assistant Safety Steward for the event (an Event Chair may not also serve as a Safety Steward for that event).
  • Oversee all aspects of the event from the earliest start of the day (you should be there by 8:00 AM). See the Event Chair's Checklist for a complete list of your responsibilities at the event.
  Event Chair's Checklist   Acrobat PDF      
  Sample site request letter
Download to your PC by right-clicking and selecting "Save target as". Then open in editor.
  Acrobat PDF MS Word RTF Format Plain text
  Be a driving force
help convince people to allow Solo events to be held on their property.
  Acrobat PDF      
  Sanction form
Must be signed by Solo Chair or Regional Executive This Sanction form must be sent to SCCA three weeks in advance of the event and be back in the event chair's hands (and the site owner's) in time, and displayed in hard copy at the event. No Sanction form, no event, no exceptions.
  Acrobat PDF      
  How to complete sanction form HTML format Acrobat PDF      
  Driver's meeting checklist   Acrobat PDF