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How are Solo points calculated?

The points scoring system used by the Glen Region is intended to reward a race winner and also reward other drivers for finishing with a time close to the winning time.

  • Each class winner is awarded 101 points
  • All other drivers in that class are awarded points equal to the percentage of the winner's time to their time.
Here is an example for four drivers in the H-Stock class:

Driver Best time Points Calculation Points
Kate 47.710 None - Awarded 101 points 101.00
Paul 47.839 47.710 / 47.839 * 100 99.73
Jim 48.657 47.710 / 48.657 * 100 98.05
Bud 49.859 47.710 / 49.859 * 100 95.69

How is a season championship determined?

In the Glen Region to qualify to win a season championship a driver must fulfill two requirements:

  1. The driver must compete in at least four Glen Region events
  2. The driver must be a Glen Region member by the date of the last Glen solo event of the year

In addition, if more than one driver in a class qualifies for a season championship, then

  • The driver may count points from up to six events
  • A driver may count points from up to two designated out-of-region events
  • The driver with the most points while also meeting the first two requirements is awarded the championship