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2014 Glen Region SOLO Schedule
Junior karter? Please contact the event chair to ensure a junior kart steward will be at the event.
NOTE: All events at Seneca Army Depot will have a $5/driver surcharge for use of the site.
Date Event Event chair(s) Location Results
Mar 11 Solo meeting Danielle Hautaniemi  
Mar 26 Solo meeting Danielle Hautaniemi  
Apr 19 Van Cleanout and Training Pat Scopelliti Pat Scopelliti's home
May 18 Solo
Allan Kintz Watkins Glen Media Lot Event Results
PAX Results
Event Photos
Jun 8 SNY Solo   SUNY BinghamtonEvent results
Jun 14 Solo School
Pat Scopelliti Elmira College Domes
Jun 15 Solo Bruce Coulombe Elmira College DomesEvent Results
PAX Results
Event Photos
Jul 13 Solo Allan Kintz Shangri-la SpeedwayEvent Results
PAX Results
Jul 27 Solo Richard Hautaniemi Elmira College DomesEvent Results
PAX Results
Event Photos
Aug 9 SNY Solo   SUNY BinghamtonEvent results
Aug 17 Solo Pat Scopelliti CANCELLED! 
Sep 14 Solo Norman Adelewitz Watkins Glen Media LotEvent Results
PAX Results
Event Photos
Oct 5 Solo Danielle Hautaniemi Watkins Glen Paddock LotEvent Results
PAX Results
Event Photos
Points Standings as of 10/5/2014 9:19:00 PM
PAX Standings as of 10/5/2014 9:19:00 PM